Saskatchewan farmers faced with higher fertilizer costs: ‘It definitely affects our bottom line’

Fertilizer helps farmers get off to a good start by supplying nutrients throughout the season, said Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS) president Todd Lewis. Global News
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Are There Any Real Benefits of Acupuncture?

Are you considering using acupuncture? This is a practice that was used by 6.3% of the population in 2007. Acupuncture is a technique that uses thin needles inserted at specialized points throughout the human body. These points are said to be gateways to manipulate and maintain the energy that makes up the balance in our bodies. As explained in traditional Chinese medicine, this energy is known as “Qi Energy.” Acupuncture is most commonly used for treating conditions and diseases causing chronic pain. People are using acupuncture for anxiety, migraines, pain relief, and several other problems in the modern world. Though it…
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A city in Minnesota is attracting ‘climate migrants.’ Could Canada be next?

Climate change is forcing people to rethink where they live. Some residents are being forced out; others are choosing to make a move. Global News
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NASA predicts more extreme weather events but ‘we can stop making it worse’

NASA experts predict that more extreme heat waves, intense rainfall, and coastal floodings will continue to happen in Canada and the rest of the world. Global News
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Out & About: Exploring Peterborough, Ont. trails on snowshoes

'We need nature, we are all from nature and we reconnect with it when we are out,' said author and outdoor educator, Kevin Callan, talking about snowshoeing. Global News
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