Climate Change

A city in Minnesota is attracting ‘climate migrants.’ Could Canada be next?

Climate change is forcing people to rethink where they live. Some residents are being forced out; others are choosing to make a move. Global News
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NASA predicts more extreme weather events but ‘we can stop making it worse’

NASA experts predict that more extreme heat waves, intense rainfall, and coastal floodings will continue to happen in Canada and the rest of the world. Global News
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New study to help Lytton-area Indigenous community rebuild with climate resilience after fire

Six months later, the Kanaka Bar is preparing to rebuild but this time Chief Patrick Michell says he wants to be sure that homes can withstand all kinds of extreme weather events. Global News
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Seawall damage a sign of things to come amid sea level rise and climate change, experts warn

The damaging combination of winter storms and extra-high 'king tides' will pose a growing problem for coastal infrastructure amid rising sea levels, said one SFU earth scientist. Global News
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Will Canada’s big banks live up to their climate commitments? Details on plans are thin

Corporate commitments to become net-zero by 2050 became so trendy this year, Canada's big banks made them twice. Global News
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